Senior SDC 2021 – Final Results and Tab

Thank you to those who participated in the 2021 Senior SDC! Following the weekend’s rounds of debates, the final results of the competition can now be announced.

First, the Top 10 Speakers (with ties at 5th and 10th place) are as follows:

1. Nicole Wong, STC 1

2. Edgar Cheng, GSIS 1

3. Zachary Too, GSIS 1

4. Nathania Ngo, DGS 1

5=. Rachel Wong, DGS
5=. Natalie Leung, DGS 1

7. Mark Lee, DBS 1

8. Rachel Lang, GSIS 1

9. Isabelle Woo, Island 1

10=. Alexandra Uy-Tioco, GSIS 1

10=. Arthur Ng, DBS 1

The Grand Champions of this year’s SDC was STC, debating against SPCC 1 in a spectacular Grand Final round. We congratulate both them and the runner-up heartily.

All tabs and the break have now been released publicly. They can be viewed at

Payment receipts will be processed and sent to all teams who requested it as soon as possible.

Thank you once again to everyone, judges and teams alike, who participated in this SDC. We hope to see everyone again soon – to this generation of young debaters, we can’t wait to see you excel in what will surely be bright and successful careers.


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