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JSDC 2021 Results

Dear all,

Thank you for participating in the 2021 Junior SDCs! Following yesterday’s rounds of debates, the final results of the competition can now be announced.First, the Top 10 Speakers (with 3 people tying for 9th place) are as follows:

1. Christine Lam, HKIS 2

2. Valerie Wong, STC 2

3. Rachel Lang, GSIS 1

4. Peony Sham, STC 1

5. Jaden Yeung, DBS 2

6. Dominic Gu, CIS 2

7. Shriya Srinivasan, RCHK 1

8. Kristie Cheung, SPCC 1

9=. Eric Wu, CIS 2

9=. Meagan Tam, SPCC 1

9=. Janet Lau, DGS 1

10. Lauren Ing, CIS 1

We are aware that the listing on the public speaker tab differs from the above list slightly – this is because in instances where speakers had the same average speaks, we used the standard deviation to decide ranking, preferring a lower deviation on the basis that it indicates greater consistency. In contrast, Tabbycat does not automatically do this. 3 speakers ended up with the same average speaks and standard deviation, resulting in a tie at 9th place. As can be seen from that fact, the speakers tab this year was very competitive, so congratulations to everyone who made it on the Top 10.

The Grand Champions of this year’s Junior SDC was RCHK 1, debating against CIS 2 in a spectacular Grand Final round. We congratulate both them and the runner-up heartily.All tabs and the break have now been released publicly. They can be viewed at

Thank you once again to everyone, judges and teams alike, who participated in this JSDC. We hope to see everyone again soon – to this generation of young debaters, we can’t wait to see you excel in what will surely be bright and successful careers.


Ms Joan Cho and Angus Li

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