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HKDSC Student Working Group: Applications Open

Dear Speech & Debate Community of Hong Kong,

We are excited to announce that applications have opened for our new HKDSC Student Working Group! This is intended to provide structure for the young people who have generously stepped up to help us so far in the last six months, but also an enthusiastic invitation towards the larger debating community, so sign up if you want to help out!

This will be an exciting opportunity for 10-12 secondary school students to work with other members of the Group, as well as our Executive Board of Directors, in organising any of the 6 flagship events run by HKDSC every year. These include our yearly tournaments such as SDC and JSDC, and our WSDC and WIDPSC National Team Trials.

We are looking for responsible, keen, adaptable and organised individuals to help HKDSC further its goals of creating high-quality debating and public speaking opportunities for students across Hong Kong.The deadline for applications is 22 August 2021, 11:59pm HKT. We look forward to receiving your applications through the link below.

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Flashpoint 2021 Announcement

Flashpoint ‘21: Interactive Workshops for Debaters

Got a keen interest in debate but unsure of where to go? Flashpoint is back, and it’s here to make your debating that much better.

Flashpoint is an annual debate workshop for novice debaters to learn from some of the most skilled and passionate debaters in Hong Kong. After several successful years, we are hosting Flashpoint again over Zoom on July 5th, 6th and 8th from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m, concluding with an internal competition where students can put new skills to use. It is an excellent opportunity to develop English argumentative skills through a wide range of strategies and, most importantly, fun!

Are you looking to warm up again after a long break from debating? Or looking for a good introduction to debate? Questions on the registration form are designed to place debaters in the best ability group to make the experience for YOU. The Flashpoint registration form (one form per student) is HERE.

Once participants have registered, they can expect to receive an email on Wednesday 30 June to confirm their attendance and send out important details and the Zoom link.

Google form:…/1FAIpQLScsFP2vHaeXvo…/viewform

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WIDPSC 2021 Team Performance

Dear all,

WIDPSC 2021 has been a unique journey for the Hong Kong team, from the trials in January to the weekly online trainings, to the two Asynchronous Rounds in early April. Finally, the Synchronous and Final Rounds took place on the Zoom platform, between 23rd to 26th April. Thanks must be given to the organizers for putting together such an amazing event that brings together 120 of the best speakers in the world.

This year, 10 members of the Hong Kong WIDPSC team broke into finals, claiming 20 spots across four categories at the expanded finals rounds. Two of the members, Yui Kurosawa and Jason Wong, went onto Grand Finals for Impromptu Speaking and Interpretive Reading. Grace Zheng also won the Supplementary Final and her piece will be displayed on the WIDPSC website.

In the final overall ranking, Hong Kong had our strongest showing in years, with Ellington Chen at 5th, Jason Wong at 10th and Charlie Lam at 20th respectively. The coaches wish to express our immense pride at the team for their strong performances and collaborative spirit. We would also like to send a special vote of thanks to the teachers and alumni who have given up their time during Sundays to help judge, give feedback and nurture this team into what it is today.

The team representing Hong Kong at WIDPSC 2021


The Coaches of the WIDPSC HK Team

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JSDC 2021 Results

Dear all,

Thank you for participating in the 2021 Junior SDCs! Following yesterday’s rounds of debates, the final results of the competition can now be announced.First, the Top 10 Speakers (with 3 people tying for 9th place) are as follows:

1. Christine Lam, HKIS 2

2. Valerie Wong, STC 2

3. Rachel Lang, GSIS 1

4. Peony Sham, STC 1

5. Jaden Yeung, DBS 2

6. Dominic Gu, CIS 2

7. Shriya Srinivasan, RCHK 1

8. Kristie Cheung, SPCC 1

9=. Eric Wu, CIS 2

9=. Meagan Tam, SPCC 1

9=. Janet Lau, DGS 1

10. Lauren Ing, CIS 1

We are aware that the listing on the public speaker tab differs from the above list slightly – this is because in instances where speakers had the same average speaks, we used the standard deviation to decide ranking, preferring a lower deviation on the basis that it indicates greater consistency. In contrast, Tabbycat does not automatically do this. 3 speakers ended up with the same average speaks and standard deviation, resulting in a tie at 9th place. As can be seen from that fact, the speakers tab this year was very competitive, so congratulations to everyone who made it on the Top 10.

The Grand Champions of this year’s Junior SDC was RCHK 1, debating against CIS 2 in a spectacular Grand Final round. We congratulate both them and the runner-up heartily.All tabs and the break have now been released publicly. They can be viewed at

Thank you once again to everyone, judges and teams alike, who participated in this JSDC. We hope to see everyone again soon – to this generation of young debaters, we can’t wait to see you excel in what will surely be bright and successful careers.


Ms Joan Cho and Angus Li

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JSDC 2021 Prepped Motions

Dear all,

We can now announce the prepped and semi prepped motions for this year’s Junior SDC to the community. As Round 1 is fully prepped, we can also share the draw for that. All other rounds in the motions table below are semi-prepped with the exception of the Quarter Finals: the draw for the latter will be announced immediately after the break on Day 1.

We wish all teams the best of luck in April.

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Junior SDC 2021 Deadline Extension

Dear all,We are pleased to announce that the registration deadline for this year’s Junior SDC has been extended to Friday the 12th of March. Important information regarding the tournament can be found below:

  • Date: 10-11th April 2021
  • Venue: Online
  • Eligible Participants: Students from Form 1-3/Year 7-10/Grade 6-9
  • Format: WSDC-style with 6 minute speeches and 3 minute replies
  • Registration fee: $200

More details, including the planned schedule, can be found in the original post made in January – this has been pinned to the top of our Facebook page for your convenience. Please note that the registration deadline it stipulates is outdated: the official deadline is the one in this post.

We are excited to be able to provide junior debaters in Hong Kong this opportunity to compete in April, and hope to see as many participants as possible.



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Oxford Schools 2021 HK Regional Rounds Results

Dear all,

The HK Regional round of the Oxford Schools, with two rounds of debate between 24 teams, was successfully held last night, February 27th.

After careful deliberation by our incredible judges, we are excited to announce the three teams going through to the final rounds of the Oxford Schools debating tournament. In no particular order, they are:

  • HKIS A – Dhruv Leekha and Chloe Tse
  • DBS A – Chan Daniel Lian and Li Chun Huen
  • STC C – Nicole Wong and Krissy Yip

We extend our warmest congratulations to the teams, and thank everyone who judged and helped organize the HK regional rounds this year for their amazing work.