Flashpoint 2021

Dear all,

The 2021 Flashpoint workshops ended last week, stretching over the 5th, 6th and 8th of July. As in previous years, the programme was delivered by some of the most skilled and passionate high school debaters in Hong Kong, braving numerous challenges in the process of initiating, preparing and executing the programme. This year, there was the addition of practice debates held on the final day to help the students consolidate their skills. All in all, the programme successfully provided debate training to more than 40 high school students across Hong Kong, especially to those who might not have consistent access to debate training at their schools.

As the pandemic last year prevented the workshops from being run, we are tremendously glad that this year’s Flashpoint was able to take place. Above all, we hope this signals our commitment to providing quality debate and speaking education to all students in Hong Kong.

To the Executive Committee and Trainers, thank you for lending us your valuable time and giving back to this community. When we began the preparation process in April, there was doubt if we could put together the programme in time but the programme was executed with dedication and quick responses to challenges. First, thanks must go to Mr Stan Dyer, Ms Joan Cho, Xiao-ke Lu and Timothy Lo for taking the task up and constructing the syllabus. Then, a special shout-out to Angus, Markandeya and Audrey for bringing together and heading our ExCo Team, listed here in their respective roles.

Lead Coordinators: Angus Li, Markandeya Karthik, Audrey Chow

Design and Promotion: Anston Yu, Megan Chan, Chloe Lam

Event Organisation: Arthur NG, Ella Chau, Isaac Lo, Justin Kim

But where would our programmer be without our Student Trainers training four groups of students at different levels, as listed below:

Group 4: Jenna Hong

Group 3: Davis Cheng and Justin Cheng

Group 2: Alan Fan and Yui Kurosawa

Group 1: Angus Li and Chloe Lam

It has been a pleasure to observe the trainers teach younger debaters with such passion and tailoring your material to each class, across a spectrum of skills. We hope the many words of gratitude you received from your students and the improvement they have shown have been recompense enough for your hard work.

To our students, thank you for being such great participants — Flashpoint would not be possible if not for your enthusiastic support. Thank you for giving your all at the drills, exercises and debates, and we hope to see you grow as a confident individual in the community in the future.

What a way to kick off the summer and wrap up the six events brought by HKDSC this year! We wish everyone a vibrant summer and are eagerly preparing for the new year.

Best Regards,

Flashpoint 2021 Executive Committee

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