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WSDC 2021 Team Break Announcement

After four days and eight rounds of vigorous debate with friends all across the world, Team Hong Kong has broken first in the Panda Division of WSDC, with 20 ballots and speaks of 254.50! A massive hand to our team — Chloe Tse, Dhruv Leekha, Jenna Hong, Madeleine Wu, and Yui Kurosawa.

This continues Hong Kong’s streak from last year where they also broke first on the tab. Hearty congratulations to team coaches Harish Natarajan and Thomas Simpson for their tireless grind with the young debaters over the last eight months since the trials, the work has not gone unrewarded and we wish the team the best of luck as they move onto the outrounds starting tomorrow! 🇭🇰❤️

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